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The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command

The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command is a profit centre subordinate to the Defence Command responsible for materiel acquisitions for the Finnish Defence Forces, the operational capability of troops, personnel and systems, and the availability of materiel.  The Logistics Command owns and supports the materiel of the Defence Forces and is responsible for its technical life cycle management. According to its motto, the Defence Forces Logistics Command is the enabler of Defence Forces operations in normal and emergency conditions.

Logistics Command - Makes it Possible

The core task of the Defence Forces Logistics Command (FDFLOGCOM) is to ensure the efficient use of the Defence Forces’ capabilities and execution of operations in all circumstances.  Annually, the Logistics Command supports about 80 international exercises at home and abroad, hundreds of national exercises as well as several international operations abroad.

The Logistic Command’s areas of responsibility comprise acquisitions in the Defence Forces, logistics arrangements and services, facilities management and materiel, catering arrangements as well as health care at the Defence Forces, and environmental issues.

The Defence Forces Logistics Command started operating at the beginning of 2015.  The Command operates in 40 localities across the country. The Logistics Command's Headquarters is located in Tampere. The Logistics Command employs around 2300 employees, which represents about one fifth of the total number of the Defence Forces’ personnel.

The Logistics Command’s administrative units include the Headquarters and the Logistics School subordinate to it, the Joint Systems Centre, Explosives Centre, Centre for Military Medicine and  the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Logistics Regiment.

The Chief of the Defence Forces Logistics Command is Major General Jari Mikkonen (cv). Brigadier General Engineering Juha-Matti Ylitalo (cv) is its Deputy Chief.