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Two computer screens displaying nomenclature catalogues. Photo by Finnish Defence Forces.

The National Codification Bureau Finland

The National Codification Bureau Finland is the national agency in charge of codification of the Finnish Defence Forces’ materiel.

The Codification Bureau manages the codification of the Defence Forces’ materiel under the supervision of the Defence Command Logistics Division. The Bureau is a part of the Defence Forces Logistics Command Headquarters. The Codification Bureau is in charge of managing the codification of FDF materiel from acquisition to the end of its life cycle.

NATO Codification System

The purpose of the NATO Codification System is to codify materiel using a jointly agreed set of codes, so that materiel can be identified and exchanged internationally. Finland has a right and an obligation to codify materiel manufactured in Finland into the NATO Codification System and use the data in the system for national logistical needs.

The Codification Bureau provides codification training to defence administration and client company personnel. The Bureau supports domestic industry in matters related to the NATO Codification System and grants in the capacity of authority NCAGE company codes for those that need them.

NATO Codification System, NCS on NATO website