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The Finnish Field Post System Tested

Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command
Publication date 20.12.2023 13.44
Press release
Piirretty postikorttikuva, jossa kaksi sotilasta lämmittelee nuotiolla talvisessa metsässä.
The special design postcard used in the 2023 Field Post Test was designed by Julius Ulpovaara.

Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command and Posti, the main provider of postal services in Finland, maintain the wartime field post system. It enables the troops in the field to stay in touch with their families and friends when digital devices cannot be used.

The system was tested during Finnish Army Jager Brigade’s Puukko 23 exercise in Rovajärvi in November 2023. The test was supported by the Soldiers’ Home Association of Finland that prepared the test packages. The packages included a special design postcard that the conscripts were encouraged to send home through the field post system.

See a video of the test on the Finnish Defence Forces Youtube channel.