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Treating combat injuries can now be practised virtually

Centre for Military Medicine
Publication date 29.5.2023 8.33 | Published in English on 1.6.2023 at 11.12
Press release
Ensihoitoteltta maastossa.
The virtual software allows you to practice emergency medical care in a first aid post or medical cabin.

The virtual first aid post software introduced by the Finnish Defence Forces enables the training of emergency medical sections in a location-independent and cost-effective manner.

The software includes three tented first aid posts and a medical cabin designed for the training needs of the Navy. The instructor and the trainees operate in virtual mode using virtual glasses and hand-held controllers. 

The software allows you to practice the treatment of even severely wounded patients. It can be used, for example, to practice treating an amputated lower limb and performing an emergency surgical airway. It is also possible to practise the use of tourniquets and hemostatic bandages capable of stopping bleeding. In terms of chest injuries, it is possible to practice pleural drainage to remove blood or mucus accumulated in the pleural cavity.

The trainer not only guides the trainees but also manages the vital functions of the virtual patient, such as oxygen saturation level, blood pressure and heart rate, based on the care provided by the trainees. Ambient sound effects can also be used to add to the realism of the situation.

Those participating in the virtual emergency medical care training do not need to be in the same physical location. The virtual nature of the training also brings costs down as there is no need to transfer, assemble or disassemble equipment or maintaining it afterwards.

In the future, the software will be expanded, for example, by increasing the number of patients and possible treatments. 

The software was developed jointly by the Centre for Military Medicine and Naval Academy.